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    Comfortable Travel with Constant Support

    Feel at ease in your journey with our on-the-go customer support
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    Wide Array of Luxurious Stay

    Choose among the world’s best lodging and hotels
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    Safe travels, wherever you go

    From comprehensive travel insurance to on-trip emergency assistance, we take care so you can focus on your goals
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    Leisure & Holiday

    An unforgettable holiday Experience a one-of-a-kind trip with our custom-made packages

For every business, for every need.

We’re committed to offering organised corporate travel solutions that enrich every trip, with the added benefit of dedicated support and travel policy compliance


We’re ready to help you ease back in to full-fledged corporate travel. Make sure you have all the right resources and plans in place to return to travel, with NTT.

Why choose us?

Our award‐winning team of travel professionals brings decades of expertise to the table, and we’re always one step ahead. We offer a suite of comprehensive services backed by innovative technology. Above all, we’re here to simplify corporate travel, so you can make the most of every trip.

Take on the world with ease.

The perfect solution for your travel needs is a click away. Get in touch with us.


We take immense pride in our comprehensive network, which we are constantly expanding. We have the ideal vantage position to reach the world thanks to our headquarters in the UAE. Our network through our partners is always on the rise, so we can grow with you. No matter where you are in the globe, NTT offers the same high caliber of assistance.

Send us your request, and we will do the rest.